Using the Track Editor, the results of automatic tracking can be corrected or modified.

Upon clicking the button, the program automatically finds the missing frames between the tracked trajectories and connects the trajectories' ends via interpolation. (The program assumes that the tracked object moved in a straight line and with constant speed.) It is possible for the user to designate points (,), between which the interpolation () or removal () of trajectories is also possible.

Points can be designated by two different methods:

1. Based on the current position of the trajectory. This is only possible in case the given frame contains a trajectory point. In this case, the program regards the trajectory point appertaining to the frame as the designated point. This can be practical in case the program identifies the wrong object in some of the frames.

2. Based on the ImageJ Pointer ROI. During this method, the program records the position of the Pointer ROI within the frame in the . It is also possible to perform the complete tracking process manually with the help of the Pointer ROI.

After ticking the checkbox, new positions can be designated by clicking within the frame.