Using the Zone Designer module, any investigation area can be created easily using four of ImageJ’s different types of ROIs as building blocks (oval, rectangle, polygon, freehand). To launch the module, open a recording in ImageJ and start the plugin via: Plugins > AnimalTracker > Zone Designer .

Zones created using the module can be named (), saved (), and reloaded ().

After finishing the operation, clicking will either the close the module, or return the user to the caller module.

Creating zones

To add a new zone, draw a ROI onto the opened image and click . Added ROIs will appear in the . Only the oval, rectangle, polygon and freehand ROIs of ImageJ can be used.

Zones selected in the can be visualized or rendered invisible by pressing the space bar (the names of invisible zones in the list are grey).

Zones can be duplicated by clicking on the button. Duplicates always appear in the on the root level.

To delete a zone, select the zone in the and click .

Editing zones

Zones can be edited by clicking . After modifying the ROI(s) using the mouse, click to save changes.

It is possible to designate the and of a ROI numerically, by editing the appropriate fields (press enter to apply). Using the , the point of origin of the ROI’s transformation can be designated.

In case of zones created via combining ROIs, only translation is possible.


Set operations

Different ROIs can be combined using four different set operations. To perform the operations, select the elements to manipulate from the and click the button of the . Any number of elements can be included in the operations and the results of different combinations can be combined further with any number of ROIs.


Unio unites the areas of the selected ROIs.



The output of intersection is the common area of the selected ROIs.



Subtraction subtracts the areas of all selected ROIs from that of the first selected ROI. The order of the performance of the operation can be defined using the in the appropriate dialog window.


Exclusive or

The output of exclusive or is the whole of the non-overlapping areas of the selected ROIs.