The complete program, tutorials and documentation are provided free-of-charge to any interested users. The only requirement is to include in your published work (thesis, poster, scientific paper, etc.) a reference to our published work.


Please read the licence conditions before downloading the plugin.

To download the plugin, please click the following link: Download

See the GitHub page for details on obtaining the AnimalTracker source code.

System requirements

The plugin is based on ImageJ, therefore it is necessary to install ImageJ or Fiji before installing the plugin. 1.51a or later ImageJ is required.

System requirements are the same as the system requirements of ImageJ/Fiji. No additional resources or external software are required.


  • Download and install the current version of ImageJ or Fiji
  • Download the AnimalTracker_.jar file
  • Copy the AnimalTracker_.jar file to the folders: ImageJ(or Fiji)\plugins folders
  • Run ImageJ


This plugin is protected under the Apache License 2.0.



  • AnimalTracker 1.2 version has released
    • Gray Threshold button bug is fixed.
  • AnimalTracker 1.1 version has released
    • Zone file loading bug is fixed.