The AnimalTracker is a universal tracking application specifically designed to support animal behavioral analyses. This is an open source project, based on the ImageJ image processing program.

Modular structure

The AnimalTracker consists of three main modules which can be used independently. The Tracker module is responsible for image processing and providing the coordinates of the identified object. The Zone Designer module provides tools to create custom-made investigation areas in order to design any desired maze-setup. The Tracking Analyzer module serves to define and obtain the parameters needed for the evaluation.


All necessary steps and tools needed for a customized build can be easily selected from the menu provided by the modules. The personalized settings can be saved and re-applied for further analyses.

Application Programming Interface

We provide the possibility to create and modify already existing plugins according to your personal needs. Detailed documentation and tutorials are provided to help during the programming steps. Modification is modular, so existing and useful steps can be applied without further modification while personalized algorithm can also be inserted. As the AnimalTracker is written in Java, it can be easily integrated into existing databases or other tools.

Open source

The complete program, tutorials and documentation are provided free-of-charge to any interested users. The only requirement is to include in your published work (thesis, poster, scientific paper, etc.) a reference to our published work:

M. Gulyás et al., AnimalTracker: An ImageJ-Based Tracking API to Create a Customized Behaviour Analyser Program; Neuroinformatics (Epub ahead of print; 2016)

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